Code for PDX

As a Code for America Brigade , we're part of a national network of civic-minded volunteers who contribute their skills toward using the web as a platform for local government and community service. Let’s all build it together.

Next Meeting: Bi-Weekly Hack Night

Our Next meeting is Wed Oct 24 at, 18:00:

Lucky Lab NW Quimby

This will be the official launch of Code for PDX. We have so much to share with you folks! We will introduce our first projects, our partners, and talk about our process.


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Our Supporters. We rely on the help of financial, in-kind supporters and government partners to sustain our efforts tactically and financially. While Code for America subsidizes our operating costs, if Code for PDX is to continue its mission we will soon need the financial support of local sponsors, By supporting Code for PDX with a tax-deductible contribution, your organization will receive recognition at our events and through our many communications channels. Funds go directly toward web hosting, meeting space, and food and beverages for our awesome volunteers.